A trip to Aharon HaCohen's Zion in Petra Jordan

Hor Hahar - Petra Jordan

At the Hilola Of Aharon Hacohen A' Av

The trip will take place on the 28th of Tammuz 5769- 31/7 - 1/8


Guided by Roni and Nurit Ayalon Hirsch

The number of places is very limited!

Watch rare moments from the journey to the glory of Aharon HaCohen with Ashira-Shamayim 2017:

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Watch rare moments from the journey to the glory of Aharon HaCohen with Ashira-Shamayim 2018:

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Special documentation of the trip to Zion Aharon HaCohen with the Ashira-Shamayim Center on the day of the celebration last year

Price is 1600 NIS per person

Passenger fee departs from Israel
Entry and exit taxes for Jordan
Jeep tours in Wadi Rum
Overnight at hotel
A ride through the jeeps to the grave of Aharon HaCohen
Entrance to the Petra site
Travel in Jordan
English speaking guide
Securing a cop on every bus
A bus ride from Tel Aviv to the Yitzhak Rabin border crossing
Water at the border crossing at the entrance to Jordan
Plenty of water before going to the grave

The program:
Wednesday 31.7.19
06:00 The group meeting at the Arlozorov train station in Tel Aviv and heading towards Eilat with modern buses (so as not to get stuck at the border crossing - they leave earlier than the other groups).
*** If there will be enough subscribers from the Jerusalem area, there will also be exit and return from Jerusalem.
12:00 Arrival at the Arava border crossing
The border crossing to Jordan - we hope that we will be able, as last year, to arrive before the groups of haredi men who also arrive at the border crossing. Since they are usually not willing to change their clothes, and do some problems and noise, and therefore get stuck in the crossing for many hours. (Last year they stuck there for five hours and arrived at the hotel only late at night without visiting Wadi Rum at all).
* Only if time allows - a visit to Wadi Rum and a jeep tour (at no additional cost)
* An air-conditioned bus ride to Wadi Musa (very close to the Nabatean city of Petra) - an area full of Biblical memories. The town is named after Moshe Rabbeinu, and so is the small stream that flows from its center - Ein Musa (the spring according to the local tradition where Moshe hit the stone), where we will visit.
* From there we will continue to stay at the 4-star Petra Hotel - the hotel has a pool and Turkish bath.

Thursday, 1.8.19 - Shacharit, Petra and Etria, on the grave of Aaron the Righteous, Arava border crossing
* 04:00 Early wake-up
* 04:30 Departure to Petra - the capital of the Nabateans, which is one of the seven wonders of the world (accompanied by guides). We will recognize the temple of Pharaoh's daughters. We will see the tombs of the kings until we reach the treasure is the "chest" which became the symbol of Petra and perhaps of Jordan as a whole. We will leave the city via the Seik - the narrow passage leading to the city itself.
* Departing cars 4 * 4 in the direction of Aharon Hacohen's grave in the mountain of the mountain - Jebel Aron.
* Arrival of vehicles to Jabel Arun. Rise in the special way to the mountain mountain Tomb of Aharon. Climbing up the mountain is about 40 minutes. pay attention! The climb is hard - it's for the extreme!
The buses will remain attached all the time at the foot of the mountain so that the bags can be left while climbing to Aharon's grave
* Drop from the mountain and exit towards the border
18:30 Arrival at the border crossing
24:00 Arrival in Tel Aviv

▪ The Jordanians do not permit entry into its territory with religious symbols, so every passenger must dress
Dressed neutrally - like a tourist. A traveler who arrives in religious / Haredi clothing will not be able to enter Jordan - not clothing like black coats, no black hats, no skullcaps on his head, no tallit or tefillin. A kippa put in a bag inside one of the pockets of clothing in the bag ... a baseball cap on the head at the border crossing and wigs inside the hat. Do not take knives or sharp tools of any kind.
Women can wear a wide-brimmed hat on their headscarves.
▪ Each person must bring a small bag in order to carry the water in its holder to Zion, and also to wear a sunscreen
Sun and hat, sunglasses ...

Food and Drink
▪ Everyone should bring enough food for a stay of two days
▪ It is recommended to bring dry food.
• Each room at the hotel has a small refrigerator for food
▪ There is no possibility of heating food / no kettles for heating water
▪ Mineral water should be bought during each journey.
• A coffee corner is available throughout the stay

The hotel
▪ Stay at the 4-star Petra Hotel in Wadi Musa.
▪ Double / triple rooms - couples are accommodated separately in their own room. In addition, men and women in separate accommodation.
▪ The hotel has a pool and Turkish bath (men only)
▪ The hotel has a small refrigerator for storing food
▪ There is no room to heat food.
• There are no kettles in the rooms.
• A coffee corner is available throughout the stay.
▪ Internet access is available at the hotel.

Border crossing and rules of conduct at the sites
▪ Upon arrival at the Israeli border, each passenger will be issued an exit visa and with this authorization he must go to the crossing counters and sign the passport
▪ After all of them have signed, we will move together to the Jordanian side
▪ Everyone must respect the place and behave respectfully toward the Border Policemen (from cases where individuals were not brought in because of their behavior)
• On the Jordanian side, a Hebrew-speaking guide will wait for us to receive us there
▪ After everyone has signed their passports, we will head for the buses there
▪ Ask each and every one to respect the place of the mark and not to throw dirt and not to bring food into
The score
▪ On the way we will go over a lot of antiquities and there is a prohibition to climb on them (not even for a picture)
▪ Everyone must behave accordingly and not stand out for security reasons
▪ It is recommended not to bother with the locals at all

▪ It is recommended to bring small money - you can use it sometimes in shekels, and in dollars.
▪ It will not be possible to buy things in the area - there are no shopping areas.

Medical insurance
* Important reminder! Each person must make medical insurance for himself through the HMO or through the credit card company